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July 23, 2014


Hey Deb! Remember when we would comment on each others blogs! It feels nice and slow and civilized again. Direct. Not about the speed and pellet-giving of social media streams.

The most interesting irony of this piece for me is in the "throwaway" NB at the end in parenthesis. Discussion about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict doesn't make sense for you on the Net because it's so fraught with emotion, yet you practiced using an app on the Net to practice having more emotional reality or a kind of empathic communication about the very same conflict.

We share the goal of making the Net (via apps etc) a more emotionally rich and useful space and conduit. Most of the development for the Net is uninformed about emotional needs or containment even though we're such emotionally driven creatures and our behaviour and communication is so emotionally driven.

It's an interesting idea to more consciously use an app solely for "putting yourself in their place" purposes. Social media streams of course do this too but the gaming in them now and the public face/ gaming behaviour has changed how they are empathic. it's a great idea for new news organizations to make single-serving apps to give you a more carefully curated sense of what it's like to live in Gaza, in Tel Aviv, as a family member in SF, as a diplomat etc. It would be interesting to get just one view in real-time for a short period. Of course it means you have to want to try, as you did, in the first place. But it's an interesting narrowing idea of the firehose of this twitter provides right now.

Please cross-post this to the Tummelvision.tv blog. why not? We can add IFTTT recipes to cross-post and that way keep up our conversation and help us keep the posting going.

Heather - so well stated "Not about the speed and pellet-giving of social media streams."

I am so happy you like the ideas reflected. I downloaded the Red Alert app cause it is what I knew/know and gave me pause to think about this in broader context for other situations and people's in Gaza, Ukraine, etc etc. I also like your thinking on "roles" doctors, diplomats, press, soldiers.

The key is that this broadens and does not narrow our empathy - the usual cautionary BOF tale.

I should update my throwaway comment on the end - it was placed there to avoid this turning into a political discussion, but it is true that I gave it short shrift. It is a a sad commentary and event deeper statement about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict that it is tough to discuss in words in a back and forth banter and often devolves face to face and even more so online. My "throwaway" statement should in no way reflect the seriousness in which I think and reflect on the entire situation on both sides, just perhaps my exhaustion on how best to discuss and move forward.

Now that I am feeling like writing again - I will indeed cross post over to Tummelvision!!

When I saw Yo take off I wasn't surprised, as it is the distillation of the phatic online gesture into an app plus notification.
I'm reminded of the bloggers in Baghdad during the us invasion telling us what it is like to be under bombardment.

Kevin - I carefully avoided the use of phatic so you could chime in with it..;)

Actually - I think the bloggers in Baghdad is similar but not quite the same - real time reporting has existed with reporters as well as bloggers for a while, What I am talking about a step removed from that - not reading and following a first hand account but living and aiding it in a concrete way. Of course supporting bloggers and commenting on accounts is a piece of this but what is the next step? make sense?

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