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September 09, 2008


Why does it have to be "Versus?" Can't we all just get along?
Just tell them shut up about content and that they aren't the only ones who know how to program Ruby on Rails. :-)

And in NYC we lose more money on mortgage-backed securities in a week than they raise in all the C rounds of a year.

Seriously, the strengths of the Alley are that we have exposure to top content creators in publishing, music, financial markets, and TV/Radio. We get our programmers out of Wall St trading firms, so many of them are biased towards real-time and high reliability.
NYC is concentrated, and yet even with all the events, it is sometimes tough for developers, entrepreneurs and resources to get connected.
In NYC it is *very* tough to find firms that are willing to take equity in new ventures in exchange for services - much more likely to happen in the valley.
Also in the Valley, it seems somehow easier to assemble a team and start a company, though I don't think there's any barrier in NY - just cultural. More thoughts as I have them.

Thanks Howard - keep em coming!

So some very, very gross generalizations:

Silicon Alley (SA): Aggressive
Silicon Valley (SV): Passive aggressive

SA: primacy of the market; economic determinism
SV: primacy of the "concept"; technical determinism

SA: pedigree
SV: what have you done lately

SA: cab
SV: car

I'll leave the discussions about sexual mores and favored drugs to others ;-)

And what about all the other great cultures and locations that get nerdy on this planet? What's next - Amsterdam v Portland?

Try as I might, I have yet to master the ability to summon my snark on command. Especially when I have so little experience w/ the Silicon Alley crowd. I like Jeff's aggressive/passive aggressive, I can definitely attest to the passive aggressiveness out here. There's gotta be a Brooklyn/Mission joke in there somewhere too.

Good luck!

I missed your talk at the kickoff - will you post it to your blog?

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