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August 26, 2008


For those of us in America who self-identify with our work, where is the line between personal and professional as it relates to many of these online tools? For example, I joined Facebook for a project for my job. Naturally I was found and friended by people from all areas of my life. So what is my "identity" on Facebook really suppossed to be?

Hi Dorit!!!

Exactly - the lines are indeed blurring as is privacy or a "private life". Big issues.

For the purposes of this post - I like to think that the blurring is forcing business and organizations to behave as we would want them to behave in their personal lives.

That's awesome!

This is exactly how I felt when I realized that blogging doesn't have to be essay style but rather twitterrific!

Plus, I'm glad I now have one more friend to talk more frequently to in the blogosphere :) Yay!

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