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July 30, 2008



Just discovered your blog! Very insightful points here...it is indeed fascinating to watch all the discussion around projected winners/losers in the Web 2.0.

Looking forward to reading more from you.

--Ryan Jones

Thanks Ryan - i try. Winners/Losers - I always look at stuff from the poin t of view of the user, the person - US! Cuz heck we are often the ones lost in the battles...;)

Thanks for stoppping by! Off top check out your blog

Since prehistoric times technology persistently changes how we interface with nature (shovel v. hand), each other (talking vs. smoke signal), and our own bodies (Kleenex vx. 23andme).

All en route to The Singularity, right?


As you say, seems like the broader context is that different tools fit for particular circumstances.

Fred made a similar point in a different post recently but he was speaking in terms of "market share of different web services"; there's room for lots of competing/complementary services that let people do different things.

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