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January 24, 2008


IMHO vimeo does a great job with not being another youtube site and stays far away from the mini avatars that you hate so much

Hey Deborah,

Bellasugar has been using a fairly consistent blend of text with images to display interesting content. I think it works on this site profoundly because of the target audience.

Here's the link: http://bellasugar.com/. Check out Beauty Marks, Makeup, Skin Care, Hair. As well as this page: http://teamsugar.com/beautymarks

I liked the Etsy visuals re: shopping -- makes sense there as well. But I'd suggest careful blending of visual with information especially in a business/marketing solution.

In terms of thumbnail images to quickly telegraph who's in/yet to join a community, for those not familiar with social bookmarking/or community sites, it may be best approach to convey the interesting types of people joining. It may be very tired for those people involved in social media on day to day. For those getting started, there's an interesting question -- So site and experiments will need to take into consideration our dual audience.

Just some thoughts on need to balance new more targeted approaches to collective communication. Then again, for those lighter conversations, some of those elements may continue to work well for that age group/and or mode of communication.

It'll be interesting to see evolution of cell phone technology and interfaces and how this impacts ways in which younger people will continue to cross-pollinate and share online.

For me I've always been interested in what people mean by share and what the value of that is, for individuals --


Agreed, and for the same reasons new photosynth linking of the social graph will take this to new heights. The 50x50 box will be a relic.

We have been working on these types of technologies for some time.

Watch this while thinking about the social graph:


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