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November 09, 2007


Well, Deb, how do you really feel about it?

[this is great]

yeah, why should they be so needy as to actually make money for their service?

Anon (who r u?) I have absolutely no problem with them making money on the service - I find it so useful I would even pay for it. I just don't think that ads in the stream are a good solution. It is a first step, but it is not the next wave of utopia for advertising [the way it is currently being touted by some - it is still not getting me as a customer when I am most receptive. Just because you as my friend like coca cola does not mean I am influenced by that coming across my mini feed any more or less than any other form of ad - paper or tv or banner. We can do better.


Haha. Great picture, a definite necessity. First thing I did when I found out about their new, "revolutionary" ad platform was block it.

I think they have the right idea in terms of the influence of friends, but the wrong idea on how that influence happens. The mini-feed approach, to me, feels more of a solicitation. The active choice to create a conversation is now turned into a passive result.

I think they could have been much more creative. For example: Use their fantastic photo tagging engine in a new way. For user's stuff. Or something else.

It seems to me that there's a simple way to avoid transmitting ads through your facebook profile. Just don't buy anything from any company that places their ads in your stream.

Facebook has a right to make money from their services, and if we, the customers don't like how they do it, we can just stop using the service - or we can stop performing the trigger that causes ads to happen.

Shaming our friends for sending ads is another way to get them to stop. I'd rather shame Facebook, of course, for forcing such a yucky policy on us. But really, what else can we expect from a company that claims to want to "take over the world"?

Maybe someone could write a userscript "CustomizeFacebook" that will do this for you. I'm sure the ads will be loaded from an easily detectible source - Gustaf

From an opportunity to leverage the power of their social network platform - Facebook missed the boat big time. The implementation falls short given the potential of “social graphing” and “exposed connections”. The power of social networking is “matching” to the benefit and interest of both parties. In the case of advertisement, matching buyers and sellers.

The granularity of this match can be much greater given the inherent social network platform. The benefits to buyer and seller could be increased dramatically. “Buyers” ("Opt In” users) could define what info they want (or sales promotions) via their user selected profile. Sellers could have a much greater ROI and sales close.

Maybe this is the real distinction ... targeted marketing can now be more closely aligned with targeted selling yielding targeted marketing to have a clearer ROI.

With rumors in place much before the launch all knew they were to due something to monetize their platform. Needless to say, there is considerable disappointment relative to what could have been achieved, at least on my part. Stay tuned and look for "Opt In" to really grab the promise of Web 2.0 hype and deliver true collaboration and benefit for all that ELECT to partake.

Steve Goldner

Steve - I totally agree and I am going to wait to see if they "fix" this. I was being a little snarky, but my point was that the user should have ability to turn this feature off and it has to be really finely tuned to actually work.

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