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October 18, 2007


EXACTLY EXACTLY EXACTLY. I try to pound this point over and over and over again. Campaigns live under the pretext of "start out of nowhere and then stop abruptly." If a campaign's point is to interface with customers, then that's a completely idiotic foundation, and counter to how relationships with prospects and customers actually begin, maintain and create value. Of course, I'm generalizing. But point is dead on. I think campaign needs to be thrown away. Perhaps platform is the new campaign. Hey, I might columnize that. Want to co-write with me?


A campaign is the equivalent of disappearing after you wine and dine someone (ok, sleep with them). First you real em in and then...poof. Or maybe like reading a book with the last chapter ripped out.

Platform is the new campaign - how very very geek of you. This relates to another thought..geeks starting to use marketing language and marketers using geek language, which is more about the two worlds colliding.

I would indeed be honored to co-author with ya!

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