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September 28, 2007


How sorely we need this inspiration and visionary guidance. You are a great spokesperson for Social Media Revolution.

I am so happy you said it's not the tool necessarily, but how you use it and how you customize it.

When I hear people say Twitter or blogs are trivial and narcissistically vain, I laugh. Like their telephone conversations and email are 100% profound?!! LOL

Let the Luddites and Anti-Cluetrainers sneer and rant about oligarchy, hierarchy, and patriarchal domination system values of "controlling and staying on message".

Their "we"-oriented features-based arrogant fluff is irrelevant to what customers seek and need. PR and Marketing without blogging and microblogging is so 1950 and pointless.

Find the socnets you like and can customize, then keep at it, ignoring trolls and naysayers, perfecting your social media connectivity and online community sharing skills.

It's about sharing and caring, not hype and tripe.


I love that line - it is about sharing and caring. Yes - I am out there educating the big guys on what it really means and takes to do this stuff. What I am learning is that there are al ot of corporate passionate smart people who are unfortunately hampered by the organizational sturcutre currently in place - working to help knock down some of these silos!! Thanks for posting -- I am honored to be refered to as 'inspirational" - what more could a girl want! [other than her own pony..;)]

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