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August 13, 2007


Maybe I am slow or something (like the site is) but am I missing something?

My first reaction is "what a load of pompous rubbish"...On listening I do admire him for raising it.

Is it really that big a breakthrough - haven't we always learnt that you should have 1 word at the centre of your brand onion to describe you (well that's what my old Account Director at Satchi's use to teach us)

As for padding - yes well a nice summary of social teenager changes..

But he should sack his agency because that would have to be the worst presentation of an idea...and as you say where is the place for comments. Here we are commenting in blogs - he should be owning this conversation.

i remember getting infuriated by it about a year ago when he did the interview and the website went up.

i don't know any worthwhile stories or conversations that contain one word, or that focus just on one word. Any brand needs more than that to craft its narrative.

The age we live in is very much about creating new meaningful connections. no connections if there is only one things.

Great brands can become iconic. Talking about one word alone gives an iconic impression. but that's a result, not a cause. so again - we have branding re-branded. let's throw it in the same bin with love-marks.

Thanks for bringing this up! Love you're write up, love to rip on traditional media mavens, brought the conversation to my blog over at http://jburg.typepad.com/future/2007/08/video-didnt-kil.html . Great write up keep up the amazing work!

The ultra-ironic thing about this campaign is that if you type

enter one word equity

into Google, you get a scathing critique of the campaign as the #1 hit, three more reviews and comments in the top 10, and 6 completely irrelevant pages (or relevant to something else) in the rest of the page.

So clueless that they don't even own page one for their own campaign slogan!

If you search for just


you lose even worse - no sign of Saatchi or their campaign, though Actors Equity hits the front page.

They do own "Saatchi" results, but that's hardly something to crow about.

this doesn't do much for me either. nice catch Edward and I'm sure Deborah's posts will make it to the top of the returns.

I fully appreciate Lord Richard’s call for one-word equity as a coherent summation of the brand meaning into a simple trigger that allow for brand appreciation
I believe that every great brand becomes stronger by integrating its multi-variegated points of mental association into a central word that can diffuse its substantive meaning to the consumers

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