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June 05, 2007


Hi Debora, thanks for putting some slides online so I can share your thoughts with my colleagues..

I must say it was an clear and inspiring presentation..

It amazes me how a whole cottage industry is building upon such old concepts. I've always had my money on the conversation. What a tangled web we weave, indeed. If you ever want to chat, I'd love that.

Deb, that is the MOST beautiful -- from an art design/perspective -- presentation that I have seen in a long time. The content is great too. Also, thanks for quoting me.

Hi Deborah:
Great post and amazing presentation. I especially liked the sentence: "You never know which of your online contacts can impact you when and how". It is true that we try to define online relationships in the same way that we define real life relationships and that's simply not the case.

Hey guys - glad you like it. You all were woven into my thoughts. I am just distilling great conversations i have had with each of you!

Great post and presentation...

Great presentation Deb. I especially like slide 25, the skills of the weaver. I have some of those skills and need to hone others but all in all it's a great description of what I am trying to accomplish with my blog.

Great post. I mostly agree with your conclusions, though I'd say that while getting bogged down in semantics is unnecessary, considering the ever-changing meanings of the words we use here is very valuable. Those of us who are in the thick of this stuff and making constant, incremental adjustments to our terminology are fine. But what of the 20 y.o. trying to explain to their grandparent that they have 2K MySpace friends? Room there for some cross-generational tweaking of the definition of friend.

Greg - I agree that what we call things is actually important - I just dont think we have the nomenclature yet. Are their 2K "friends"? what are they? I was focusing on the behavior and maybe that will lead us to better naming. I think the cross generational (or same generation - my non-geek friends are baffled by all this) will work itself out eventually.

The context for this talk was at a geek startup conference - so hence the harshness of "tomato" tomatoe". Thanks for weighing in.

As a follow-up I realize that I am a complete novice on the theory of social anthropology and networks - i just DO this stuff. I am just starting to learn more from the smart thinkers in the space. I think a lot of social theory and network theory is really coming into play in broader contexts today - very exciting to see it breathe out in the open. Lots more to learn and observe and DO!

Hi Deborah,

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed flipping through the slides from your "Stop Yelling..." presentation. Over the past year or so I've met New Media/Web 2.0/Social Media with what I can only describe as a great deal of ambivalence. It's a battle between wanting to connect, being protective of my privacy, and harboring a strong aversion to/fear of hucksterism (go ahead and read that as "paranoia" if you like).

Anyway, finding what is good about all of this and putting my focus there has been the key and your presentation is helpful in that regard, so thanks.


Lovely presentation. Simple, stylish.

HI Deborah,

It was nice exchanging a few words with you at The Next Web. I totally agree to what your say.
It's a WeaveWorld !

I really look forward to have more conversations with you...

The Feedback Guy.


Wow! How did I miss your session??!!

I was looking for conversations like this at last week's unconference, and for some reason didn't find as many of them as I would have liked. I loved seeing your presentation in retrospect, though. Beautifully done, as others have commented.

I hope I run into you at future conferences!


Slick prez Deb! I have to come hear you speak one of these days...

Great post and presentation...

Great analogy! Wonderful looking deck too.

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