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May 01, 2007


Big discussion inside the industry now. Clients want to pay on performance. Agencies just want to get paid - early and often. The transition from traditional media to digital has resulted in lots of old school models (eyeballs, cpm) surviving.

1. advertisers and agencies need to start educating themselves on engagement, the forms and formats and the sheer potential of it - its more than CPM

2. We need to, as an industry, change our mindset about value - at podcamp NYC a couple of weeks ago there were two or three discussions about how to better measure podcast users and how much of a show they will listen to, etc. If the content is mediocre, who cares how many people listen how far into a podcast.

We need to work together to broaden our mindset. If we build a blog or social media strategy for a client, what does success look like? Hits, pageviews, registrations, trackbacks, comments, return links, or all of the above, at different weights, based on the strategy.

Podcast hotel twittered this quote from Sir Martin Sorrel (CEO and founder of WPP - one of the biggest agency holding companies in the world)earlier from the Stanford Accel conference today :

"clients are experimentng -- cost of advertising is going up, greater than the rate of inflation. it does not compute: sir martin sorrell."

Pageviews got us here, and got things going, but they aren't going to last.

Amen to that - it is just freakin hard to move the Titanic around the iceberg! exactly one of the topics we will be discussing at Supernova!

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