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April 10, 2007


I would agree with your overall premise that "A relationship is not about a blog, a wiki or a video - it is an attitude and a commitment". However, sometimes, it is the availability of a technology that holds the potential to break an impasse, or reveal dysfunctional attitudes and commitments to unhelpful agendas. For example, I work particularly in the multi-agency collaboration area for the Federal Government. Here, the stove-pipes of organizational boundaries are deep, impenetrable, staunching defended and their protection is highly incentivised. A usual argument is made that it is impossible to work across boundaries because we do not have secure and collective means for doing business. Increasingly, technology challenges the veracity of this argument, and peels back the cover to the reality that for many, multi-agency collaboration is seen as a loss of control (attitude) and risks having to "give in" to the disadvantageous desires of another organization. When technology provides a means for "can do", resisters lose one reason for "can't do".

Absolutely. I currently live and work in the heart of Silicon Valey geek echo chamber - so I often post as a sounding board o the real world. It is a given to me that technology enables boundary crossing etc. It is the grease! Thanks for jumping in!

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