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September 06, 2006


Deborah, I'm surprised that you didn't get a guzillion comments from both sides on this. As a non-techie, I always figured that if I ever started using the internet for more than sending email and doing searches, that I'd need to hire a "tech geek" as an interface. In March, I bought a couple of domains. Started my blog. Realized that although I didn't know everything (technical), people were reading and appreciating. So, now I read interesting posts like yours, comment when moved, post to http://theRAINMAKERmaker.com when so moved, and wait for the day that some "valley tech geek" sends me an email and says, "Teach me how to think and talk like a non-geek."

Great rant!

It's a long-standing battle - believe it or not it is getting better. Stay tuned - for more info on thei subject in the distant future. GO ahead and trackback --that might get more geeks' attention.

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