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July 17, 2006


Well you can not win them all. Besides CBS is in making TV, not ads, which is probably why they did not try the eggvertizing before buying it. And they only have to worry about egg on their face if their fall line-up bombs.

And besides, never underestimate the effect of subliminal adverts. Seriously. I still have that Food Emporium song running through my head even though I can tell you that I never listen carefully to radio adverts...

I'm going to mail this link to all media buyers and sellers in my directory. We are going through a crazy phase in India where everyone wants "innovations" -- and the results are all just plain intrusions.
Often, the creative departments in large agencies are forced to think of an innovation as opposed to a good idea that's on the brief and that works. Almost all magazines charge a significant premium for "false covers", which is an unwelcome development of the older innovative intrusion, the gatefold on the cover.
Finally, they all are like the egg campaign that's so inane.
The only people who are excited by such "innovations" are the advertisers. Not even the creative guys at the agency: they're just plain relieved to have got this headache out of the way,

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