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January 31, 2006


How about TIVO? I have a broken, 2.5 year old Tivo. I can send it back and for $149 get a reconditioning on it.
OR, the rep told me softly, I can look on their site and get a new reconditioned one for $179 - 150 rebate when I activate it.
Now, should they just send me one for 29 and not make me do the rebate? - YES. But, they did save me 130 dollars for calling. That respects me.

Hey, Deb, how about this?

"When a $51 fare from Los Angeles to Fiji was mistakenly posted in Travelocity's system back in April (typically a $1,000 fare), frequent fliers like Nicholas Blanchard jumped. The Pittsburgh-based pharmacist--who spent seven cheap tropical days in the South Pacific--was impressed, not only that the company honored the mistake, but also by Michelle Peluso, Travelocity's CEO. Soon after the error surfaced, Peluso posted a message on FlyerTalk, an online frequent-flier forum, saying the fare would be honored and wishing customers bon voyage."


And it's not just a one time thing, or an empty marketing gimmic. It's part of a customer-focused reengineering of the company (for the purpose of differentiation in a business that often seems to consumers like a commodity) that resulted in this:


P.S. Not sure if you saw this, but it will bring back memories, I'm sure:


How did I miss this comment (musta been travelling in January...;). Michele obviously gets it

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