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May 11, 2005


Aww. NY misses you, fairy blogmother! But I'm glad you're blogging: will feel more up-to-date. Don't expect "the boys" to visit and comment, though. Can't ever depend on those boys...

And BTW, Sue's link doesn't work, which is too bad. Was looking forward to "meeting" my fairy blog-grandmother...

Deb! So glad to see your personal blog. :)

You're going into my blogroll and my bloglines account posthaste.

If you're in the office on Friday, I'll stop by to say hi and get a hug.

congratulations deb! welcome to the light where you belong!
looking forward to subscribing to your stream of blog.

Mazel tov, blog daughter! This rocks...and your NY/Bay area thoughts are going right into my favorite bloggers folder.
Best, Susan

Go Deb Go!

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