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April 22, 2010


Magnolia is back! I use it, but it's sort of a ghost of its former self...


Question for you:
Is there any way to measure the "reach" of the Tummeling concept? I introduce so many vocabulary words to my friends and family, I feel like they are a bit fatigued. Will it ever reach beyond the social media elite and podcast-addicted?

When will it be OK to tell my mom I'm a Tummeler? That this is a viable job description?

All joking aside, thanks so much for putting together this show. I have finally started getting caught up with it in the last few weeks, and I have some suggestions for guests, too:

1. Jono Bacon, author of The Art of Community, and Ubuntu Linux Tummeler. He is really a shoe-in, and another British accent to add to your show.

2. Tara Hunt, one of the founders of the Coworking movement, and author of The Whuffie Factor. Also has a Tummeling job with Intuit.

3. This guy (points to himself). I'd put myself at a far distance from Jono or Tara, but I've heard you invite us to volunteer ourselves. As my portfolio, I'd like to offer www.floridacreatives.com www.drupaleasy.com/podcast www.bloggingfringe.com and a number of sites linked from www.claimid.com/ryanprice (see the section titled Liberatr.net)

Ryan - thanks for commenting! We wrestled with not adding a new term as well, but felt it was important to get across the fact that this is not just a community manager type. Who knows - it is fun name for the show at least!

That said - great ideas for guests we know em both well.

Would encourage you to check out tummelvision.tv for more on the tummeling stuff


Your a Very Motivated Person ~ Thanks for the update ~ Looking forward to more posts :)

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