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December 17, 2007


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Deb - Great point about engagement social media bringing us into one-to-one creative relationship with others.

I favourited this post on Blog Friends in the hope it will spread. : )

Thanks Luke - the collaborative world that is 'web2.0 would not thrive if it were not for sharing and attribution of each others work - let the link love flow!

Great points Deb. I think the inherent problem is that the web is still the wild wild west where ppl have an everything goes mentallity because they dont know better. Not everyone was taught at early age that attribution is important, but they were taught that if you want to save an image to your desktop all you do is right click and hit save. People assume if something like that is so easy to do it cant be considered stealing.

Its hard to instill the concept of respect on sites like napster, youtube, et.al when it was built on theft.

We have to start edumecating the masses and provide by providing the proper framework of sharing and collaborating on the internets.

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