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July 11, 2006


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» Repeating myself from Marketing Begins At Home
Deborah Schultz posted her Top Ten Community Marketing Phrases She Finds Herself Repeating Over and Over. Here are mine Try to explain that to me in a way that your mother would understand it. English Cut worked because hes a rockstar. Y... [Read More]

» PR Mantras from The New PR
Every PR person has a list of phrases they find themselves repeating to every client, day after day. Deborah Schultz and David Parmet share theirs. My favourites are: David: Yes his blog is read by only 2,000 people but it’s probably the 2,000 peo... [Read More]

» Repeat after me: Its not about the tools from Like It Matters
I loved this meme that Deb Schultz started: what are the things that you find yourself repeating about social media? One of the things I often say as I talk with marketers and train agencies and companies to have better conversations is: Its n... [Read More]

» Diggings - August 14th, 2006 from Dig Tank
Most Businesses Self Destruct - "Focusing too much on what everyone else is doing is a sure way to run... [Read More]