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July 11, 2006


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a few of mine:

- "and you're going to turn this into a sustainable entity...how?"
- "no, i don't care how many 'eyeballs' you get."
- "yes, it's going to take time." (agreeing strongly with your #4 above)
- "we're 'customers' or 'people' or 'readers,' not 'consumers.' if you say 'consumer' one more time, i'm going to beat you with a mackerel."

and, the most popular...

- "it's people! yes, just like soylent green."

Thanks Chris - regarding "customers" - yes, yes and YES. And you can add they are NOT "users".

"3. Because they are your customers – you serve them.
2. It's a relationship, and relationships take work."

#3 sounds like slavery, not a relationship.

I get your point, and I think you're right, but as you also say, the devil is in the details. If you are at the point with a company that you are having to explain what their relationship is with the customer, then they aren't going to listen to you when you tell them that they 'serve' their customers. In fact they likely aren't going to hear anything you say after the words 'you serve them'.

I think with such companies, it would be more productive to explain to them that when they satisfy their communities' wants and needs, that in turn THEIR wants and needs are satisfied. Again it's almost like having to take a step back and 'market' to them the idea of the importance of their community.

Mark - you are right. I was being overly dramatic. I have never said that - *exactly. But I will say that it is shocking how often companies forget that each customer is a blessing - they are busy, ADD rattled and can easily go elsewhere. Especially online - where all it takes is a click of a button. I will reword more diplomatically..;) Thanks for pointing it out.

Deborah, My comments were too long so I put them here. http://therainmakermaker.com/2006/07/14/deborahs-top-ten.aspx
Thank you.

Thanks Mark - goood stuff. Try using trackback--more people will be able to find it!

Thanks Deborah, but my name is MaCk (don't worry, everyone calls me MaRk the first time).

As for trackbacks, I am using Blogger, if you know of a way to use trackbacks with Blogger, please let me know I'll be happy to start doing it!

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